Family Week

Prepare yourself for photo overload. The family reunion came and went, and was a total blast. 6 days of pure family awesomeness. In short – we had two barbecues, played air darts and frisbee, roasted marshmallows, made smores, went to see the new Pirates movie in 3D, (swooned over Jack Sparrow), surprised the kids with a visit to Build-A-Bear Worskshop, went shopping, went swimming, visited a Jungle Gym, played arcade games, took a lot of photos and had a lot of laughs. We’re quite sad that it’s over, but happy for all the good times we had. It had been years since the whole family was together! Hopefully it won’t be as long for the next visit. Meanwhile, we have our memories to cherish. ♥

All of us together! Roll your mouse over the photo for maximum radness.
We are awesome.

Video on the YouTube channel.


A Moment's Reflection

I was outside taking some photos of myself today, to show off a new shirt I got. Lyss insisted on coming along and letting me take some photos of her, too.

I certainly couldn’t turn that down.

She patiently waited her turn by picking flowers for me from the grass. Once I was done…she climbed up on the tree, and gave me this:

Girl takes my breath away.


I love rediscovering photos I forgot I took.
I love her personal sense of style.
I love how she wants to invite her whole room along every time we play outside.
Then has a hard time picking just two, because every toy is her “favorite”.
I love the way she substitutes V’s for B’s when she talks.
I love how cute she looks in my sunglasses.
And how her smile makes me want to squeeze her up and never let go.

I just love her.
To pieces.


This is me, doing another Wizard101 post. And this is my recent reaction to making it to level 15:


So, update first.

After playing a few free levels and deciding we liked the game enough…me and Lyss upgraded. On the family plan we saved a couple bucks, making it I think…$13/month for the both of us combined. Now I told you guys before that the free plan has plenty to offer, which it does – you can still have a LOT of fun for free. But the upgrade? BEYOND AWESOME. You get to visit SO many more beautiful places, the bad guys get even more badass, the clothes get cooler, the quests become more fulfilling; with better rewards and more in-game gold to buy fun things with, and the ultimate best – when you get to level 15, you are able to choose from a selection of wicked cool houses to live in. WICKED COOL. Me and Lyss had such a BLAST moving into our new homes, I can’t even tell you. We have a blast every time we play, really. Doing battles together is kickass (Lyss has gotten so good at them!), going shopping together is too much fun (Lyss is already a pro at buying and styling her clothes without me), and just exploring as we “ooo” and “ahhh” at the scenery is quite peaceful. We even play hide and seek from time to time. It’s especially fun getting surprised with new places to go as you complete each quest. Like recently, one of my quests opened up a new Egyptian world I could venture into, called “Krokotopia”. And let me tell you, I was like an little kid running around that place. As a huge fan of ancient Egypt, it was a little slice of heaven. From the pyramids to the inside and outside of temples…from the creatures right down to the background music. VIBIN’. I’m always excited to find out what’s next!

More screen-shots? Don’t mind if I do!

^ Us in the shopping district – me with my firecat pet and Lyss with her cyclops pet. We actually picked out our clothes separately on our own,
then walked out of the store realizing we chose the same thing…just used different colors. Haha.

^ One of the places in Krokotopia. The screen-shot doesn’t even do it justice!

^ Simply amusing. Walking through the Commons, me and Lyss noticed a whole group of players that got together
and used the “Evil Snowman” transformation on themselves.

^ Just coming through the portal to my home!

^ View of the front of my home…which actually rose out of the water. Awesome.

^ One of the rooms inside my home.

^ Lyssa’s home portal! And her on her spiffy mount.

^ View from the front of Lyssa’s house…which is so much better in motion.

^ One of the rooms in her house. That’s Lyss using the Fire Elf transformation. :P

Now, while I have nothing but raves for Wizard101, it is because of that, that I must also give a warning. If you upgrade, you better have some self control, or you will lose yourself to the game. Seriously…watch ya’self. I don’t care how old you are or how geeky you think this post it, Wizard101 is like crack and if you start up…you WILL get addicted. QUICKLY. You also WILL want to give them more money. Sure, you don’t HAVE to buy that enchanted broomstick, that beautiful stallion mount to ride around on, or that amazing house made of fire to live in and decorate to your heart’s content….but you want to. Oh yes, you want to. And sure, you think it’s ridiculous to buy something computer-generated with your real, hard earned cash….but you’ll change your mind. Oh yes, you will. And no WAY would you let yourself spend hours decorating that new computer-generated house you just bought…but then wait, where did time go?


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Easter Shmeaster

Tornado season strikes again! Let’s see if I can get through this post without the power going off. Didn’t work so well yesterday. Second time’s a charm??

So, Easter. Yeah. Came and went. Honestly, I’m not really big on the Easter holiday, so I won’t fake enthusiasm. We’re not religious people, so we certainly have no need to celebrate the “resurrection of Christ”, and outside of religion, I find the story of the Easter bunny just another commercialized lie to tell your kids and an excuse to buy them candy. I still have trouble telling Lyss the story of Santa Claus. :P Buuut, despite my lack of enthusiasm, I’m not a total stiff. While Lyss knows the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist – we pretend he does, just for fun. At least that’s what we did this year. I still made her an Easter basket and still gave her an Easter egg hunt. So, here you have it – the Easter post, complete with photos and curly hair.

It was your typical pastel-y sugar-filled holiday. I’ll upload some video on the ole YouTube channel once we’re stormless. The end. :P

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